Sonam Tshedzom

a moment ago i was slipping down, helpless, scratching every centimetre of my back, tree roots and small stones stuck in my shoulderblades…
and now it’s around 36 hours till i’ll enter the door of the house that we shall try to call “ours”.
every day i remember the way you were so painfully impossible when i first met you.
i dive quietly inside my soft belly i lie on the bottom of the ocean i come up with my mouth full of pearls and i scatter them again and watch them sink in the water.
i commit myself to the eternal gratitude.


I’ve seen this photograph very frequently on tumblr and Facebook, always with the simple caption, “Ghost Heart”. What exactly is a ghost heart?
More than 3,200 people are on the waiting list for a heart transplant in the United States. Some won’t survive the wait. Last year, 340 died before a new heart was found.The solution: Take a pig heart, soak it in an ingredient commonly found in shampoo and wash away the cells until you’re left with a protein scaffold that is to a heart what two-by-four framing is to a house.Then inject that ghost heart, as it’s called, with hundreds of millions of blood or bone-marrow stem cells from a person who needs a heart transplant, place it in a bioreactor - a box with artificial lungs and tubes that pump oxygen and blood into it - and wait as the ghost heart begins to mature into a new, beating human heart.Doris Taylor, director of regenerative medicine research at the Texas Heart Institute at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital in Houston, has been working on this— first using rat hearts, then pig hearts and human hearts - for years.The process is called decellularization and it is a tissue engineering technique designed to strip out the cells from a donor organ, leaving nothing but connective tissue that used to hold the cells in place. This scaffold of connective tissue - called a “ghost organ” for its pale and almost translucent appearance - can then be reseeded with a patient’s own cells, with the goal of regenerating an organ that can be transplanted into the patient without fear of tissue rejection.This ghost heart is ready to be injected with a transplant recipient’s stem cells so a new heart - one that won’t be rejected - can be grown.(Source)

self-portrait with a homeland.

i was waiting for you for thousands of lifetimes and i will wait for another couple of years or lives or however much it will take i will wait for you to be a part of you to rest inside you to grow inside you to feast inside you my host is you; and i will wait to let you in for you to rest firmly inside of me to nurture you inside me to be the earth and the air to be your water to be your fire to be everything for you to be everything with you…

because with you i am everything.